viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009

silly girl

started on a summer sunday
your pink dress on the setting sun
you were going to grandma's house,i was to scared to come

my silly girl,i'm begging you
tell me all the things that i want to hear
my silly girl,i'm in love with you

i had to run to catch you,
you always moved so fast
with your cute smile and your silly laugh,
god gave me love at last

my silly girl,i'm begging you
tell me all the things that i want to hear
my silly girl,i'm in love with you

they said just stay away
right now i wish i had
i'm so in love with you,my silly girl
they made me go away
sometimes life just isn't fair,but i'll be back some day
i hope you'll still be there

when you're just a silly boy like me,you're always so scared
now i'm just out of luck,i wonder if you ever care

my silly girl,i'm begging you
don't stop being a silly girl
my silly girl,i'm in love with you

they said just stay away
right now i wish i had
i'm so in love with you my silly girl


easily satisfied,the fire goes out
so we feel ashamed,these defilements we adore
put on your clothes
i can't wait no more
too many daze
wailing after midnight
dreaming at the bottom of the sea
using the names of the dead,i observ myself
no hidden meaning ,not even a cellphone number
there's no such thing you can call change
ghostwriting ( just for the sake of confort )
lousy sloth ! (kept dark to save on electricity )

fuck you all !!!

vitriol dulce
mi mala compañia
no me desampares
esta noche ni aquel dia
se mi insigne refugio
se los labios de mi salida

jueves, 12 de marzo de 2009

and her ghost descended

cast away,dreamless state
poor girl,you're under the shadow of doubt , i'm afraid
tell me again that you need me
tell me again that you fear this
hold my hand between your thighs
and whisper x-rated secrets in my ear
yesterday is forced to realize
that we're
lost in a momentary wave of despair

shimmering alone,souled-out
poor girl,come undone,suffering a sudden midnite kiss
safest way to afront unhappiness
leaving the world behind
a prospect of future ecstasy
causing each other fervent little pains

enter my body instead
a body dripping ov stars,so she said
sleeping-pill,love's gift
i'm sorry you took my advice amiss
passionate,trembling affections amidst our winter secrecy
speak your spirits
but if you don't dream about me
what's you explanation then?
on why everything that hurts reminds you of me

the office of bringing light upon the throne of forgetfulness

she spoke to me in colourful initiations ov midsummer daze
a white crow dancing at her feet
making jokes about futile miseries
death cums sweetly and revels never cease
there's no escape ( utter silence )
i'm sorry and i love you
this is a strange house i swear
and you seem so unkind,but it doesn't matter
one breath,eyes adrift,hello!
rosemary and mirtle scent,i kiss your mint flavored lips
where three new highways met
clandestine venereal emotions ablaze
what an artificial shame!
she spoke to me in dreadful invokations ov midsummer rape
wrapped in a mantle of dark thoughts,she ravished me
a white crow dying at her feet
goodbye daughter-fucking jest!
love comes ripping and lustful reveries never cease
your's a strange beauty i swear
i'm not sorry that i still love you and
i make myself responsible for this sacrificial blame!

dirty radiance

first she came to me in the form of a swansong
and granted me further access to her bed
of course,that could be disturbing
but she was amused by my depraved antics
thrusting foul pleasures for my
infatuated,dangerous old moon
my dear child,what's your real age?
tearfully or greatly vexed,esta noche eres mia
i've seeking you in all the wrong places!
y se que no es el momento de hacer confesiones
in the entrance to the nederworld
nueve caminos hacia tu corazon,offering libations of blood
you're in the mood for murder
i'm in the mood for love
how to foretell the future of today
on your burning pale skin
i don't care ( nothing moves me )
i don't really give a damn
words between us
are useless
take for granted this tender advice
a thousand years have passed by
with devious twists and turns
i've drinked this starlight honey so many times before
trust me, this is not the end
and this will mean nothing to you
for another better than me shall come

perfect bodies

the dead cast no shadows,i'm told once in a while
but i'm not so sure anymore
until i fell fast asleep
black-winged night my paramour
stars merge
a deluge sent in gold and silver and fire
easily deceived,their perfect bodies shine
this history has repeated itself disastrously
since the beginning of modern times
dissapear from your life, again
transfixed with an e-mail
proceed to tear my still-quivering mindset
into self-abasing spleen
a procession carefully ridden with persephones's disease
my dear,how greedily you weep!
let's surrender
surrender to the dawn that brings distant lovers apart
that old villian the sun
haunting us in a beautiful ruin


toda mi vida esperando este precioso momento
asi es esta noche,asi es este pacto
de las bellezas enterradas bajo el paso de los siglos
cualquiera puede ser mia
tu lo escribiste,tu lo hiciste sentir
y ahora te das cuenta
de todas mis verguenzas,de todos mis engaños

prefiero hacer arder tus palabras
vaciar tu interes en mis manos y hacerte daño
solo me queda lo que he perdido
esta pequeña soberbia y una cancion de cumpleaños
perdon por olvidar lo que ha pasado